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Hello World!

Welcome to Annabel Vigar’s page. Here you will find updates, blog posts and more. If you are a follower of my work, or you have recently stumbled across my profile, I want to say a massive thank you to you. Without your readership and your support, I would not have come this far with my writing and I hope to continue my work in light of that.

Just to give a brief about myself I am currently a poet with two self-published collections of poetry and another on the way, as well as an author of a few stories in progress. The published collections of my poetry are available for purchase as paperbacks on and as e-books. Here are other available sites to purchase the collections:




Google Play Store

You can also watch readings of my poetry on my YouTube channel. If you have any specific requests for a poetry reading, drop me a line and I will see what I can do.

I am currently still writing (after taking an unofficial hiatus between May and July 2015), so please feel free to browse any part of my works and communities available.

Don’t forget to also take a brief look at the Disclaimer page and the Follow┬ápage!

That’s all for now folks.



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Ok folks,

Voting and comments for xXxCometxXx vs my Real Name has concluded: overall, the majority have decided that I should now change xXxCometxXx to my name.

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9 Hours to Go!

Nine hours left of xXxCometxXx vs my Real Name, get voting before you miss your chance! Here’s the link.

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