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Open your mouth, I ask
But I know I will have to prize it open
One finger at a time,
Dragging and peeling each corner
For a speck of truth
That might be embedded within.
The mouth says too scared to speak,
But it opens of its own will, does it not?
It lulls the listener if it so chooses, does it not?
Deception, what a crime,
But by omission, why,
The keeper of a secret,
Is victim to the seeker, yes?
And thus, the keeper does not even need to act,
Like they don’t know,
Because a secret comes with an unspoken vow,
To never be spoken of,
Unless the keeper says so.

And one more added ‪#‎poem‬ to the Forging collection for the evening!

Want a read? Go to my Wattpad and Inkitt, the new addition is called Secrets. Again, another set of lyrics that I’ve reworked into a poem, so please suggest any edits if you wish.

Hopefully I will have finished reading another Wattpad story to recommend to you all, so keep your eyes peeled.

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