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Image to Burn

Blurred pictures,
And puzzles
Missing pieces,
Photographs. Ripped.
Torn in rage.
Stories end,
A blank page.

Memories in the mind,
Thorns in the side,
Linger in the dark and die,
Or hide
Lost somewhere,
Still thinking.

For too long,
Haunting and drifting.
Time to let go.

I guess you could say ‪#‎poetry‬ becomes so much easier to write/edit if you already have something like old lyrics written haha

Here’s another one for the Forging collection, Image to Burn. As ever, the collection is free to ‪#‎read‬ on Wattpad and Inkitt. Got any ideas or edits for it? Drop me a comment on the collection or on my profiles.

Thanks everyone, hope you enjoy the new ‪#‎poem‬,