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I want to fly,
Not by growing wings,
Of feathers or scales,
But soaring,
On the wind, a cradle,
Towards darkness,
Holding the moon and the stars,
In a world that is a myriad,
With little pockets,
Of dust,
Empty spaces.

Then the sky elevates,
Unveiled rays of sunshine,
Pour into the bowl of the earth,
And I slowly sink down,
The golden slides,
Sealed in by clouds,
Curling across the sky,
And wrapping around us,
In an endless tapestry.

Afternoon, folks!

Ready for some more ‪#‎poetry‬? Here’s my newest addition to the Forging collection, Daybreak, another set of my old lyrics that I’ve re-drafted (drastically) into a ‪#‎poem‬. It’s free as always to ‪#‎read‬ on Wattpad and Inkitt, so please take a look and let me know what you think.